Kela van der Deijl
Hi! My name is Kela van der Deijl and I'm an art director, game designer and animator. 

My work focuses heavily on the intricacies of our emotions. I want to zoom in on the smaller, undeniably human experiences of different individuals. It has to be provoking but what is most important to me is Integrity. I want my work to be honest and display the hardship and raw qualities of life while also showing how beautiful it is. This is done by creating work based on real people, getting to know them, or myself, intimately and then see what comes from that.
I am both interested in the creative part of art as well as programming which is something I want to intertwine more and more in my work. I love work that immerses you, whether by technology like Virtual Reality or by including an element of interactivity.  My aim is to draw the viewer into the story. To experience the happiness and hardships of the subject of the work and truly understand them, not by talking but by feeling.
Official selection Go Short film festival - Still there?
Kaboom Animation Festival - Still There?
Verkadefabriek 15th anniversary screening - Still There?

<-- That's me at Castlefest 2019! I love all things nerdy, especially Dungeons & Dragons, singing songs by a campfire and cosplaying/dressing medieval fantasy with my fellow weird people.