who are you?

My name is Kela van der Deijl and I make games and 3D art! if you want to see some random thing I do take a look at my twitter.

I'm currently completing my Animation thesis at the Willem de Kooning Academy although I don't spend a lot of my time animating. I prefer 3D art & game design! My thesis project is Mail Time, a wholesome mail-delivery adventure game about failure and trying your best.

Previously I've worked on the mobile game Reach: SOS, a point-and-click mobile puzzle game about an isolated communication outpost worker in search for the one sending them cryptic messages. Reach received a US Game of the Day feature from Apple in January 2021 and overall great success in the mobile games market.

I also functioned as the Art Director for Studio Koprol, an indie studio of 16, for the game Boodunnit?! a whodunnit sandbox platformer game where you play a ghost trying to solve her own murder.

During early 2020 I interned at studio YipYip where I helped create serious games as well as contributed to the early development of Sisterhood, an adventure documentary game about the forgotten women of history. Sisterhood is currently in early development.

I work by myself & with indie teams and am always open to freelance work!
What do you do?

3D modelling, rigging & animation
- Experienced in character, prop and environment modelling
- Familiar with hand painted textures as well as solid colours & vertex colours.
- Confident with Mid poly & Low poly modelling, both organic and geometric.

game design
- gameplay design in combination with narrative and thematic meaning
- experienced in environmental and point and click puzzle design.
- playtesting with target audience as well as deadline/budget-conscious suggestions to remedy found problems.

2D Concept Art
- character, creature, environment and level design concept artwork. 
- art style  development & exploration artwork.
- art direction following concept work 

Experienced in
- Visual scripting
- Unity and Unreal Engine 4
- 3D modeling software Autodesk Maya, 3D Coat & Blender
- Adobe Suite

Contact & find me:
email: kela@vanderdeijl.com
Twitter: @KelaDeijl
Instagram: @Ke.laa
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