who are you?

My name is Kela van der Deijl and I make games and 3D art! if you want to see what I'm working on take a look at my tiktok twitter.

My current project is Mail Time, a wholesome mail-delivery adventure game about failure and trying your best! I'm developing the game almost completely by myself and actively share the development on Twitch & other social media. 

Previously I completed my bachelors in animation, even winning a Threshold award for my thesis! 

I've worked on the mobile game Reach: SOS, a point-and-click mobile puzzle game about an isolated communication outpost worker in search for the one sending them cryptic messages. Reach has received over 200 Game of the Day features from Apple and has garnered 1.4M+ downloads across platforms.

During early 2020 I contributed to the early development of Sisterhood, an adventure documentary game about the forgotten women of history. Sisterhood is currently in development.

I'm currently working by myself on my game Mail Time and so not open to freelance!
What do you do?

3D modelling, rigging & animation
- experienced in character, prop and environment modelling
- familiar with hand painted textures as well as solid colours & vertex colours.
- confident with Mid poly & Low poly modelling, both organic and geometric.

game design
- gameplay design in combination with narrative and thematic meaning
- experienced in environmental and point-and-click puzzle design.
- playtesting with target audience as well as deadline/budget-conscious suggestions to remedy found problems.

2D Concept Art
- character, creature, environment and level design concept artwork. 
- art style  development & exploration artwork.
- art direction following concept work 

Experienced in
- Visual scripting
- Unity and Unreal Engine 4
- 3D modeling software Autodesk Maya, 3D Coat & Blender
- Adobe Suite

Contact & find me:
email: kela@vanderdeijl.com
Instagram: @KelaMakesGames
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