Caravan of Mischief means to deal with subjects that are inevitable in growing up, specifically in these contemporary times. Taking responsibility for your actions and trying to resolve the mistakes that are inevitable. even if not everything can be fixed.  
Things don't always go back to the way they were.

Heart of the Story
Caravan of Mischief is based on the relationship between me and my younger brother. We have always had a very strong bond, being very close in age, and I want to see that reflected in Dorian and Basil, our main characters. 
A good sibling is someone you can grow with, laugh with and, perhaps more importantly, cry with.

As both he and I grew up we experienced issues with responsibility. In all facets of life you are expected to magically become more responsible but more often than not, this is a learning curves with many mistakes along the way.

I want to help other teenagers by providing them with this series. It can make them more aware of their accountability, perhaps even make them more responsible, but also show that it is a process.

You will make mistakes. 
But, as long as you have people to rely on you will turn out great.

Henry's caravan and the first thing Basil and Dorian find when entering the painting.

Is it based on anything?
Caravan of Mischief is an adaptation of the Picture of Dorian Gray. It keeps the themes of manipulation and questions of morality found within the book as well as basing many characters and creatures on those from the source material.
I also chose to keep the painting that so integral to the original book. In the source material the painting corrupts to reflect Dorian's sins as the story progresses. In Caravan of Mischief, since the girls travel into the painting, the world itself corrupts. They must take responsibility in order to try and reverse the effects and help the creatures.

Dorian and Basil trying to steal something from a creature.

The same creature from earlier in the show, now mutated, chasing down the siblings.

Is this for kids?
Even though the show's style is reminiscent of children's books that is not to indicate this show is for children. The style is crafted in this way to make the story seem more innocent and fantastical o then be able to contrast with the dark and gritty themes of the show.

Dorian is the younger of the two siblings, with the spirit to match the bravest superhero. 
Despite Dorian's braveness she has little regard for other people's feelings. She has quite a temper when things don't go her way and will consequently let you know she's angry or unhappy.
She holds her own ideals in high regard and will try and live up to her ideals and promises no matter what.  Deep down she does have a desire to fit in but with her strong personality she can find this difficult.
Her naivety in combination with her brashness are what will eventually lead to her downfall, and her biggest learning experience.
Basil is the older one of the two sisters. She has a creative, but somewhat timid character upon first glance. She lives vicariously through her younger sister's ability to let loose, and sometimes lets her insecurities go to explore that world with Dorian. 

Basil is very adaptable, but has difficulty standing her ground. The sole exception to this being when her sister is in danger, where she will discover a braveness she never knew she had.
How about their chemistry?
Growing up with a sibling close to your age is like growing up with a best friend that's always there. Basil and Dorian can share everything together, good or bad. They love each other very much but are still siblings. Sometimes your sister is just being annoying an needs to get off your back, literally.
Basil is reaching her teenage years which is changing the duo's dynamic a bit. Basil is becoming more self conscious and insecure and has more difficulty following Dorian in her carefree adventures. Dorian finds it difficult to deal with Basil 'suddenly changing' and is simply looking for a solution for this whole puberty thing in order to get her sister back. 
More info coming soon!
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